If you are able to say Cornwall is your home, why not use it? 

Scenery like no other, it really is special. 

Our aim is to supply specialty coffee and unique Cornish clothing. 


About The Coffee -


Cubs started with the idea of creating a simplistic designed van, to travel Cornwall and the rest of the south west. Our goal was to stand out from the rest with our style and quality of coffee, with a positive energy around our brand. We are at plenty of events around the south west, as well as weddings and private functions. 


We work with Origin Coffee Roasters who are very well known for their speciality coffee, they have a great culture and  they search for the best coffee from around the world.


Why did we start Cubs coffee?


When you have a vision, there’s no better way to show it, then putting it into place, into action, to prove the vision is real. 


As co-owners, we both have a passion for coffee and clothing, so why wouldn’t you want to use that passion to strive for your future. We would always pop out for a coffee somewhere to catch up and it came to mind that one day, we want to have our own stamp on a coffee hot spot. 


You’ve got to do what you enjoy. 


About Cubs Clothing - 


There is something unique and pure about Cornwall. Cornwall as a brand is huge and to use that and share it with the world in our way, really drives us. 


The dramatic coastline, small fishing villages, golden sand beaches, the rich-green farms are just a few reasons why. 


Our bold and powerful design of clothing we supply is how we want to represent ourselves. High quality, thoughtful features and a sparkle of vibrant colour. 


We are stock in Whirlwind Sports, which gives us our base and somewhere we can direct you. Our website is always being updated and improved with new designs as well as bespoke clothing orders. 


There is plenty more plans in the pipeline and we are very excited to be able to expose you all to them when they are finalised. 


You’re not just buying into a piece of material, you’re buying into a brand, an identity and a lifestyle. 


As two young men from Cornwall, we want to achieve something to be proud of. It’s great to be able to show what we are doing to you all and we hope you enjoy our drive for leisure and lifestyle.


Cubs 🐻

Once ordered, the items will be processed and shipped to you as soon as possible. Please expect some shipping delays.


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Charlestown Harbour Office 


St Austell 

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