The Story Behind Cubs Coffee

Updated: May 10, 2020

How Matt and Billy started the brand.

“Lets set up a coffee company!”

Matt and Billy first met when they were 14, where they played rugby against one another. They had no idea that a friendship or even business partners were on the cards. From here they became teammates for Cornwall, Truro College and Exeter Chiefs Academy. At Truro College their friendship grew, as they often shared lifts to Truro for early morning rugby sessions. After two years playing rugby at Truro College, Matt went off to University at Exeter. Billy completed a third year at Truro College where he signed his first rugby contract for Exeter Chiefs. The year after Billy moved to Exeter for his rugby, which allowed the friendship to grow. They would often meet up at various coffee houses where their passion for coffee and sport grew. In 2018 Billy played the majority of his rugby at The Cornish Pirates, Matt also worked at The Cornish Pirates as an Intern for 2017/18 season. This was when conversions around our love of coffee grew and the idea that we both wanted to get into business. Then one day it clicked - our love for coffee and the drive for a business meant one thing, LETS SET UP A COFFEE COMPANY. We spent hours, days, months, discussing, researching coffee, names and ideas. One night around the dinner table the name Cubs came to mind. We loved it, there and then we agreed, CUBS COFFEE!! Our main passions being sport and coffee means that we are determined to combine both. We agreed mobile coffee was best for us at this time and we aim serve coffee at as many sporting events in the South West possible! Let see where the journey takes us..... join Billy and Matt on their adventure.

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